How to Make a Website

A quick step-by-step guide to help you create a new WordPress website.


This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up a new WordPress website in less than 10 minutes.

After you build the site, you will need to spend time replacing the demo content and making it your own. That's why I recommend taking a weekend to build out your website.

But you can go from nothing to a working website in just ONE weekend!

Let's get started building your website!


In this guide, we will be using the following resources. The basic website outlined here will cost approximately $195 US dollars per year. Your total investment may vary depending on the type of website that you are building, the amount of traffic your website generates, and additional functionality you want to add. Here are the basics:

Step 1. Domain Name

In Step 1 of this tutorial, I will guide you through the process of selecting and purchasing a domain name for your website. I recommend Google Domains or Hover. There are many domain registrars that you can use, so for this tutorial I will walk you through my favorite.

1. Select a Website Hosting Plan

  • Go to: SiteGround (affiliate link)

  • Review hosting plans (I recommend the "Startup Plan" for new WordPress users)

  • Click on the Get Plan button

2. Select a Domain Name

  • Select either "Register a New Domain" or "I already have a Domain"
  • Enter your domain name information and click "Proceed"
  • Note: If you are registering a new domain SiteGround will check to see if the domain name is available. Need help selecting a domain name? View our tips for selecting a domain name.

3. Review and Complete Payment

  • Review hosting plan settings. I recommend:
    Plan: Startup
    Data Center: Choose the data center closest to your location.
    Period: 12 Months (discounts are available with longer time periods)
    Domain Privacy: This is an optional service but if you do not include domain privacy then your contact information will be visible on Who Is registration information services.
  • Confirm the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Click Pay Now

Step 2. Website Hosting

In Step 2 of this tutorial, we will sign up for website hosting and install WordPress (hint: if you are using Flywheel you will be able to skip the install part). WordPress is the software and content management system that I use to build websites. You can read more about why I recommend using WordPress over other available website builders (i.e. Wix, SquareSpace, etc.) in this article. 

1. Log in to WordPress Dashboard

  • Go to http://www.[]/wp-admin
  • Enter your login information (username and passwork)
  • Click Log In

You will be redirected to the WordPress dashboard screen.

Step 3. Install a WordPress Theme

In Step 3 of this tutorial, we will a WordPress theme. In brief, WordPress themes are the design files that tell WordPress what your website will look it. Astra features include: a focus on performance, powerful design options, customizable site layouts, blog layouts, and many more features (affiliate link). This is a powerful WordPress theme that offers additional functionality and a clean code base. You can also read more about the two WordPress themes that we recommend. 

1. Log in to WordPress Dashboard

  • Go to http://www.[]/wp-admin
  • Enter your login information (username and passwork)
  • Click Log In

You will be redirected to the WordPress dashboard screen.

2. Search for Astra Theme

  • Click or mouse over Appearance
  • Click Themes
  • Click Add New
  • Then Browse
  • Search for Astra

3. Install and Activate Astra Theme

  • item one
  • item two
  • item three

Step 4. Import a "Starter Website"

You've successfully installed and activated the Astra WordPress theme. Next we will install the Astra Starter Sites plugin that will assist you with adding additional plugins and importing a demo website.

1. Install the Astra Starter Sites plugin

  • On the Astra welcome screen, click Get Started
  • Choose your Page Builder, I recommend Beaver Builder

You will be redirected to a WordPress dashboard page that displays availble Astra Starter Sites.

2. Select an Astra Starter Site

  • Sort the available Astra Starter Sites by Free, or upgrade to Astra Pro to unlock over 70+ starter sites.
  • Open a preview of the Astra Starter Site by click on Preview under or when mousing over any of the start site screenshots.

3. Scrolls through Starter Site previews

  • A starter site preview is displayed in the main window alond with a sidebar menu on the left side of the screen.
  • You can scroll through Astra Starter Site previews using the arrow buttons located in the left sidebar.
  • Proceed to Step 4 after you have selected the Astra Starter Site that you would like to import.

4. Install required plugins

  • You will need to install any required plugins before you can import your selected site. Click Install Plugins.
  • The required plugins will be downloaded and installed on your website. This step will also automatically activate any of the new plugins.

5. Import Starter Site content and settings

  • After the plugins install and automatically activate, you will see a new button to import the site. Click Import This Site.
  • You may see a popup window asking you to confirm a few items regarding the site import, if you are okay with the conditions, Click OK to complete the import process.

6. View your new site

  • The starter site may take a few minutes to import all of the settings and content. You will be prompted when the import process is complete.
  • Select Done. View Site to open your website in a new tab.

Step 5. Make It Your Own

This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up a new WordPress.

1. Open Beaver Builder to Edit Content

  • At the top of your website, click on Beaver Builder to open the Beaver Builder page editor. 
  • The first time you open Beaver Builder, you will be asked if you would like to take a tour of the user interface. I recommend taking the tour if this is your first time using Beaver Builder.

2. Edit and replace Content

  • Click on an area of text to edit. A popup box will appear.
  • You can type changes directly to the text on the website or make changes in the fields on the popup box. 
  • Click Save to save your text changes.
  • If you are finished making changes, click Done and then Publish (or discard or save draft).

3. Edit and replace Images

  • To replace a Background Image: mouse over the area with the image and click on the Wrench icon. Scroll down to background image and choose replace.
  • To replace an Image: click on the image and follow the settings in the popup window to replace the image.
  • Click Save to save your changes.
  • If you are finished making changes, click Done and then Publish (or discard or save draft).
Launch Your Website!

Congratulations! You've installed WordPress, the Astra theme, and plugins. You've also updated the website with your content. You are ready to launch your website so that every can access your website.

You are now ready to share your website with the world.

Thank You

I hope you found this article helpful. You can see a tutorial video demonstrating the entire process on our YouTube Channel:

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